Freeze dried fruit


Today, customers desire foods that are healthy, easy to prepare and keep well without spoiling. Freeze-dried products such as fruits, vegetables and meats allow manufacturers to meet these demands by preserving the natural look and consistency of the natural product as well as all its flavours, proteins and vitamins.


  • Retention of aroma, flavour, nutritional characteristics
  • Preservation of natural colour and shape
  • Instant re-hydration
  • Long shelf life – due to low moisture
  • Light weight for easier transportation


As a supplier of freeze-dried fruits Paradise Fruits adheres to international food safety and manufacturing standards. Paradise Fruits offers services that include new product development and contract drying with a state-of-the-art pilot plant and dedicated team of industry professionals.


Freeze-dried fruit is a healthy, convenient, and affordable alternative to fresh fruit and is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups. The freeze-drying process is relatively gently and removes negligible amounts of the naturally occurring nutrients in food. On the other hand fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals, which are chemical compounds that may provide protective health benefits, all remain intact. Freeze-drying doesn’t require preservatives, additives or sugars so freeze dried fruits are naturally healthy and delicious in their near-original form.

Almost any fruit can be freeze-dried, and increasingly the demand for organic produce is emerging. From farmer to freezer, Paradise Fruits works closely with its partners throughout Europe and around the world to secure the highest quality food safety standards are maintained.


Breakfast cereals and fruit teas are the most popular application for freeze-dried fruits. Vibrant colour, natural flavour, aroma and shape add instant appeal to a range of healthy and indulgent products. Berry fruits such strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are a popular choice in many products such as cereals. The low moisture content of the freeze-dried fruits ensures shelf-stability and both fruit and cereal remain crispy and fresh.

Freeze-dried fruits and many other foods are used by military organisations, outdoor pursuits enthusiasts and survival company suppliers because of they are light weight, nutritionally rich and have a long use-by date they. NASA also uses freeze-dried foods for the cramped quarters on board spacecraft.

At home, freeze-dried fruits are easy and healthy snacks to take on the go; perfect for a lunchbox, purse or backpack. Freeze-dried fruit is available all year round, and has a naturally long shelf life. Freeze-dried fruits are delicious and easy additions to cereals, muffins, smoothies and many other foods.

Baking with Fruit

Low water activity, bake-stable fruit inclusions make bakery innovation possible.

Fruit inclusions for breakfast cereals

Freeze-dried fruit is a natural complement to healthy breakfast cereals and muesli products.

Fruit inclusions for chocolate

Real fruit inclusions and custom paste fillings are the perfect partner for chocolate innovation.

Culinary Ingredients

Freeze-dried vegetables, herbs, spices, meats and seafoods are the perfect ingredient for ready-meals, soups and sauces.

100% Fruit Snacks

Make your brand stand out with our range of Pure Fruit Shapes, Fruit Juice Drops and Natural Fruit Bars.

Formulating with Fruit

Snack bars with fruit inclusions and pastes create new opportunities for innovation

Fruit Tea

Freeze-dried fruits provide natural flavour, aroma and visual appeal.

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